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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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you've never heard a dog snore quite like this. he sounds just like donald duck. his name is beckham and he has the disney character signature sound next 11 deadly crash and walnut creek involving four vehicle and motorcycle. and a family mourning the loss of a teenage boy because when a racecar went out of control and crashed in the pit area. the news is next. >>
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>> police are investigating a deadly shooting. police responded to reports of shots fired after 5:00 o'clock tonight. when they arrived on the sand they discovered an elderly man dead inside a building was apparent gunshot one. the identity is being withheld as police continue investigation tonight. a deadly crash on northbound interstate 680 at
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the offramp at walnut creek. chp on the scene responding to the crash involving four vehicles including a motorcycle. police said the details remain unclear but one vehicle, a nissan, burst into flames after the crash. witnesses told investigators the motorcycle and another vehicle where driving recklessly, before the crash. the motorcyclist was killed for the crash remains under investigation and investigators are asking anyone who may witness the crash or events leading up to it probably is. a family is in mourning tonight after a federal race car accident rated 14 -year-old santa rosa boy was one of two people killed when a race car sped out-of-control and crashed into the pit area. jeff the bushes at the memorial that sprung up that santa rosa at the victims parents muffler shop. >> reporter: friends and family have been stopping by all afternoon and into the evening at the family business and santa rosa. you can that a small memorial has
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popped up at the front door. let's take some video i show you a closer look. you can the people have dropped off flowers. stuffed animals. candles. and several pictures have been dropped off by the racers. one of them signed, it says, to my other family, we love you and pray for you. god speed. another picture says all of us are thinking about you and are here for you. this is just a sad story. one of those that died was the drivers younger cousin. you can only imagine the sorrow in the the sorrow and the pain that that family is feeling. i am geoff bush and santa rosa. >> kelly continues the team coverage and has uncovered more information about the victim and the driver. >> reporter: 14 -year-old marcus johnson known by mj was a lifelong racer according to his website. starting with smaller vehicles like go carts since he was five years old. you can
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him posing with a trophy and a trophy in this snapshot alongside his older cousin, chase. you on the right-hand side of the screen. that young man, now 17 was behind the wheel during saturday's fatal crash. jason johnson has also been a competitive racer since a young age. his website revealed he comes from four generations of racecar drivers. the 17 -year-old who was uninjured in the crash lives and then grab a town outside of paloma. some of the championships he has won have been right here at the speedway. jason is a senior at petaluma high school shop teacher says is a good student one of several kids who is very involved in the sport. >> it is a family activity. it is a wonderful thing to have a great sport like that with your family. but to lose a family member over it is very difficult. and the sad to hear. >> chase johnson's racing website lists marcus is a member of his crew but the
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sheriff's department reports that marcus was not an official member and his presence in the pit area is still being investigated. kron for news. >> the second person was identified as? a[indiscernible] man the accident is under investigation. tonight's to time-dependent world baseball classic tramp team japan was defeated in the semi finals. and [indiscernible] is at at&t park where more than 33,000 fans where treated to a great game. >> reporter: for the first time a baseball classic history team japan will not be playing in a time finals team puerto rico comes out on top three to one behind timely pitching defense and hitting including a big 21 homer in the seventh inning by alex and the final out reported by familiar face to giants fans in san francisco. >> what you are once again unfamiliar territory fighting for championship at at&t park.
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>> it is awesome. and when you try to accomplish something for your country. i think we have a big responsibility to our programs all where of allows them puerto rico alley made a statement. the message is clear it does not and right here. >> team puerto rico will play in the championship game on tuesday that will square off against the winner of monday's semi finals between the dominican republic and the netherlands. regardless, it was a fantastic day at the ballpark. >> before the game fans from both sides of shaking hands. >> others, waving signs and flags. in fact, that seems to be the most popular outfit, flags draped over the shoulders. >> i love baseball. >> there is no shortage of team japan are puerto rico faithful's. >> lots of pride. >> yes. exactly. >> are you rooting for? >> puerto rico.
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>> the most popular player in the game and san francisco, giants starter. >> and he is good and right here, we're in the ballpark plan so hopefully we can make america. >> at the world baseball classic in san francisco. kron4 news. >> a pickup truck drove through a thrift store. one of those injured included the driver and the seriousness of entry to the driver and other customers are not knownd the ca crash is under investigation. columns of smoke could be seen hanging over antioch brentwood in oakland today due to a grass fire on sherman island. this is a startling sight to people and according to fire officials the blazes started around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon on the island located with the san joaquin sacramento rivers meet and also viewers sent in these photos of ash testing homes firefighters
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decided to let the fire burn itself out since no structures are threatened. tonight an investigation continues after a deadly shooting and a 10 hour standoff in oakland. the standoff started just after 1:00 o'clock this morning when police went to inspect the residents after two gunshot victims where hospitalized police traced a potential suspect to a home on 25th avenue the scene was cleared of 11:30 a.m. and according to police they detained several people for questioning but at this time it is not clear the shooting suspect is in custody. one of the victims has died and the other victim is in serious condition tonight. the dome of city hall san francisco bay is ingrained for tonight. obviously because of st. patrick's day. today. and we are going to mostly clear skies for the bay area tonight you can the stars and the crescent moon for this evening by the way the moon and jupiter are next to each other if you look outside this evening. we will some clouds tonight, head of the weather system that is out there in the pacific for
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tomorrow morning and mixture outside china patchy clouds in the day and we will some of the late morning in the afternoon look for increasing height routes from the system. there are high clouds dancing today and dancing today and her what get closer. it has a tropical moisture tablet pineapple express that is coming our way but despite that the rainfall amounts from the system as it arrives tuesday wednesday look to be fairly light only a quarter inch by that they have lesser amounts for the south bay and a half inch for the north babbling you know more about the timing on the system coming up later on. the troops killed in a helicopter crash where released today we take a moment to honor them plus two football players accused of raping a 16 -year-old girl and posting pictures of her. we bring you the nationally followed the trial and home prices heating up, we will have the latest on real estate sales and if it is a sellers market. before we send you off, to break, happy
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st. patrick's day here is a look at one of the worlds largest celebrations in dublin ireland you can brightly colored clothes bagpipes and marching bands as they wind their way through the city streets. we will be right back. >> news today brings you what is happening now >> medications? i don't know. last immunization shots?
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the five service members where killed last monday on chemist and when the helicopter went down there staff sergeant mark [indiscernible] steven blast chief warrant officer brian henderson specialist is accurate shannon and captain sarah newton their helicopter went down while traveling through a rainstorm officials say there was no enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash. 200 people are homeless tonight after an out-of-control brushfire. >> authorities are
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investigating a drive-by shooting that took place in sacramento county. police where called last night in the town south of sacramento they found six male victims lay in the front yard of a home the victims where taken to a hospital with non- life- threatening injuries police say they don't know what sparked the shooting but believe it is gang related. to high school football players from ohio are heading to a juvenile jail. the two teenagers 17 -year-old trent mason 16 -year-old malika richmond where convicted today of raping a 16 -year-old girl under the influence of alcohol. ohio's attorney general is calling for a grand jury
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investigation into the rate case saying the case is a long way from over. >> >> you cannot put any finality into this without a grand jury. there are 60 witnesses who would not talk to us. we have other evidence we want to present a that grand jury. this community desperately needs to have this behind them. this community also desperately needs to know that justice was done and desperately needs to know that [indiscernible]. >> they addressed the court and apologize for their behavior and they where sentenced to a minimum of two years and a juvenile correctional facility and richmond was 1 year and both could be and attention until they turn 21. the small plane crash in indiana has killed two people and injured several others. authorities say the jet crashed into at least three houses this afternoon. the jet was apparently experiencing mechanical
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trouble when it crashed officials also say three of the people where taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. i brushfire leaves 180 people homeless tonight it started as a brush pile and carolina south carolina on saturday and spread to a housing complex more than two dozen buildings where damaged or destroyed officials say they have more than 180 people in red cross shelters as of right now. the fire was contained but is still smoldering fire officials are investigating the cause. tens of thousands of catholics packed st. peter's square to hear pope francis deliver his first prayer today. they cheered as he appeared at the window of the apartment before giving the traditional blessing. he also held mass earlier in the day. in a rare move for a pope, he spontaneously walked out from vatican territory to cheer -- greet well-wishers outside the gate. and the official mass to inaugurate pope francis takes place tuesday at the
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vatican. you can watch the entire installation live our 247 bay area news channel starting at 1:30 a.m. on comcast channel 193 we can stream it live on kron4 .com. >> where wrapping up a beautiful weekend weatherwise we have lots of sun and some high clouds and temperatures that made it into the sixties and seventies on saturday couple of locations almost 80 degrees but we are going to watch things cool down as we have a weather system coming our way. there are san francisco we have mostly clear skies for tonight but expect a few clouds to drift into the bay overnight tonight into the north bay valley and we start out monday, will be a mixture of sunshine and clouds and high clouds will increase for the afternoon as the storm system i was talking about and that gets closer. and by tuesday will a chance for rain developing an afternoon and evening with wet weather to remain all the way through midday on wednesday. here is a system the first
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batch of clouds that we saw today. just making for some hazy skies but the bulk of the storm the brunt of the system is that here over the pacific and has a very long cap up tropical moisture moving our way to much of system will fall apart by the time he gets are so the rainfall amounts will be on the future cast. at noon tomorrow, notice we're mostly sunny and then there are clouds add to the west with a increase of the late afternoon and into the evening will be mostly cloudy by nighttime as a going to tuesday mostly cloudy skies as well there could be a few breaks of sunshine early on tuesday this is 6:00 a.m. but note the clouds increase once again the rain begins to come our way by the afternoon. at 4:00 p.m., notice of spotty light showers and the latest forecast model is really backing up on the rain amount and intensity. just a few isolated shower since together tuesday night and into wednesday morning so we have a wet tuesday evening commute and a
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wet wednesday morning . here is 6:00 a.m. wednesday. there are more bands of rain rotated to the bay area but will be clearing things out as a get into wednesday afternoon. for tomorrow morning temperatures to start up the date thirties in the north than elsewhere in the forties and high for the afternoon mid to upper sixties and seventies san jose 68 degrees low seventies and the inland valleys like pittsburg antioch concord sixties by the bank san francisco ohio 63 for monday with increasing high clouds in the afternoon. upper sixties northbay 67 in oakland and here's the seven day around the bed looking at the week t uesday, cloudy, light rain in the evening showers wednesday morning clearing a lot of sunshine for the rest of the week in a warming trend was seventies back in town by friday and saturday. >> the latest figures and show the bay area real estate market took a small hit from january's figures.
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let's take a look. the median price for a house dropped about 1.8 percent from january's numbers however those numbers also showed that prices are up 25 percent from last year at the same time experts say with your bank owned properties pushing prices down the market is heating back up. an open house today revealed a close-up look at what the overall numbers are showing. >> reporter: at this open house in berkeley hills perspective buyers just kept coming. real estate agent temple with red oak realty said what is happening here is typical these days is the real start market bounces back after several week years. >> i had 75 people through today and there where some waiting outside when i showed up. >> priced at $679,000 this four bedroom one half bath, is already attracting a lot of attention and it is only been on the market a few days.
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>> i noticed a lot of a lot of people say, when can i operated. yes. everyone wants to know the offer date, writing offers for buyers as well as listings and we're seeing from five to 40 offers on a place. >> five to 40? >> yes. low inventory is driving the demand the latest figures show foreclosures have dwindled allowing prices to percolate up. however, if you are a buyer looking for a bargain, the bounce back has been brutal. listen to this person's experience. >> unbelievable. high-volume. multiple offers, quick sales, sales going over the asking and all-cash, has been our experience. >> all-cash offers, we don't understand where or why but we're trying to figure it out and compete in the market. >> in berkeley hills, kron4 news. >> ever heard of the baseball hall of fame of the rock of all hall of fame but
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did you know that the university inducting for new members into its alumni hall of fame of the week and these are former grads who make the college crowd including a hollywood director and award-winning journalist, a theater artist in this photo a civic leader and philanthropist for three decades. judy is in the middle there congratulations. and i guess it pays to stay in school. the gay lesbian alliance against defamation handed out at the annual media awards last night in new york city. madonna presented anderson cooper the russo award and a kiss. the journalist to the honor and tried to wipe her lipstick off before giving a speech thanking his partner and saying that being gay is a blessing and it has opened his heart and his mind and the russo award is given to openly gay media professionals to promote equality. cooper publicly acknowledged his homosexuality last year and has been an advocate against bullying.
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coming up after the break, with selection sunday in the books we now know who will be playing in the ncaa basketball tournament but did any bay area teams make the cut? find out the answer to that question coming up next. >> and before we send it to break, here is a look at the duchess of cambridge performing a st. patrick's day tradition. you can her handing out shamrocks to the members of the irish garden the city of [indiscernible] near [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice ♪ shop at ♪ it's nice having u-verse, isn't it?
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which movie took them the most money? oz, the great and powerful took in $42 million this week and a law making it the biggest hit of 2013 so far. other top movies include the call, which took in $70 million and rounding out the top three, the magician comedy the incredible bird wonder stone has seen over time i and today a selection sunday which means the ncaa men's basketball tournament as set the league releasing the first- round matchups today better known as march madness. the selection committee named louisville as the number one overall seed and the other number one seed is an dni and kansas. we will play unlv at the hp pavilion in san jose and st. mary's will play tennessee
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